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Because she's not going to be able to post it soon, I'm going to post this here for now.

It’s time once again! Contest time (sooner than I thought, but still, I love doing these)! This time, things are a bit different, I’m teaming up with :iconvchart920: to give you more prizes, more options, and points! This contest is like the last, but tweaked to be better and more efficient! All you have to do is create something that fits into one of the following categories we’ll list below and must include our OCs. Anything goes like last time, written pieces (which I personally love), comics, drawings (of course), even music, animation (even quick animatics count), and voice acting! Before we delve into that, let’s go over the rules!



    1.  All entries must include at least one OC from one of us. Example: Azure (mine) and Mernah (hers) in a piece or Gloomy (mine) and Harmony and Dissonance (hers) in a piece

    2.  We’re ok with bases being used, but no pony generator please

    3.  No NSFW pieces, some gore is fine, but nothing too explicit

    4.  You can include your OC(s), but our OCs must be the dominate part or, at least, have an important and meaningful part

    5.  You will be judged on several things
              Technique/ Style: /10
              Concept: /10
              Originality: /10
              Quality: /10
              Personal Bias: /10
    6.  You are allowed three (3) entries to submit

    7.  All your submissions will be accounted for, but only one can win

    8.  All entries are due: October 2nd, which is a Saturday which is nice


With that out of the way, let’s take a look at prizes!


Grand Prize for Best Over All Piece

From :iconpretty-pegasus-wings::

An animation from me with a background (anywhere from three to five frames, three if two characters or more)

Something like this:

Flutter Sombra Shipping Contest Entry by pretty-pegasus-wings or A Dance Turned Deadly (Animation) by pretty-pegasus-wings

A fully body with background (can be my regular style, fancy style, or somewhat realistic fancy style, that last one still needs a name)

I've Got Your Back (Dark Version) by pretty-pegasus-wings In a Cartazonon's Dream by pretty-pegasus-wings

Your OC gets an official meeting with my OC, Azure, and will be integrated into The Traveling Storyteller


From :iconvchart920:

A full detailed picture with background

[AT] Azure Mular by VChart920 The Fight [100th Deviation] by VChart920

An animated icon of your character of choice

Samukai Animated Icon [Commish] by VChart920 Dark Sunset YCH Icon [Animated] by VChart920

A pony from the Mutieren species of your choice with rare details

Rare Pegasus Mutieren Auction [CLOSED] by VChart920

And this many points (for now): 500


To be Chosen by you if you win a category:

From :iconpretty-pegasus-wings::

A fully body in my fancy/somewhat fancy realistic style

A fully body piece (2 slots)

A head shot (2 slots)

Your OC meets Azure, but will most likely not be integrated into The Traveling Storyteller (2 slots)

A written piece

An icon

A Sketch of your OC (2 slots, or you can have a bunch of random sketches, but they'll all be in a sketchy style of sorts)


From :iconvchart920::

A full body detailed no background 

A head shot, normal or vinyl style

Your Oc meets one of mine, written or drawn

A very simple animated icon

A sketch of your Oc

A written piece

And any point prizes:





That’s it for prizes, and it may change as we gain points and the like. Now, for the categories.


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: This category is for the best overall draw piece! We’ll be judging by the style, the overall quality, concept, uniqueness, accuracy to the characters, and personal love for it. (Pick three prizes)

The Pen’s Mightier than the Sword: This category is for the best written piece! We’ll be judging by accuracy to the characters (how well you’ve captured them, accuracy to their background and the like, even the way they speak and act), the story (it’s plot and all that), concepts introduced, the overall writing quality, and grammar. (Pick three prizes)

IT’S ALIVE!: This category is for all the animators, voice actors and the like! We want you to bring our characters to life be it through a full out animation, animatic, two frame gif, or even through things like voice acting (giving them a voice, you can read quotes from them and the like. We’ll be judging on how well you’ve captured them, overall quality of the piece, concept, and the smoothness of the transitions if it is a couple frame gif or just how well it’s all laid out. (Pick four prizes)

Ships Ahoy!: We love ships, we have lots of ships, we’d love to see more pictures of these ships! This goes to the best ship picture! We’ll be judging based on how well you’ve capture our characters, how well you’ve captured their dynamic, concept, and overall quality of the piece. (Pick three prizes)

Comic Sans: This goes to the best comic! We’ll be judging on how well you’ve captured our characters, concept, the flow from panel to panel, the scenario you’ve set up, and overall quality of the piece. (Pick three prizes)

It’s Liquid Pride!: This goes to that one amazing piece that really inspired us! It can be a piece that made us cry, it could be something that was so well made, we had to give you something even if it’s not the best, it could be something that really got us thinking (like some AU or story we want to expand on or something that inspired us to draw or create something). As for judging this, it’ll just be a personal thing we pick, but good ideas, stories, character based things, that really gets us thinking. (Pick two prizes)

The Special Snowflake: This goes to the most unique piece, the one that is unlike any other! The most standout piece will get this one. It’s unlike the Liquid Pride one as that one inspires us while this one puts us to shame for how unoriginal we are. Think outside of the box, create something nobody else has or something we’ve never seen, go wild! (Pick three prizes)

Cracking the Funny Bone: This one goes to the funniest piece! If yours manages to make us cry just from how funny it is, then you’ve got a good chance of winning. Humor is subjective, keep that in mind. (Pick two prizes)


And then there’s the best overall entry! This one doesn’t really need a title or anything, it’s the one we’ve both deemed to be the best. There isn’t much to this really, it’s just the best, it in-cooperates everything we look for/love into one piece. That winner gets the grand prize!


That’s it for the categories. Linked/listed below are some things that can help you such as links to our characters and a resources page (bios, character relations, that sort of thing) to help you with your entry or entries! Have fun and good luck!


:iconpretty-pegasus-wings:’s Characters:

      Fully colored: pretty-pegasus-wings.deviantar…

      Sketches (you can ask for a color scheme, or you can make your own and I might steal it if I like it):

      Adopts I’ve adopted that I’ve yet to draw:


:iconvchart920:’s Characters:…

By name:

Confident, compassionate, kind, loving, neutral with her emotions, caring, friendly, protector of sorts, looks out for those who are weaker, stubborn to a fault in that she could be injured and try to push it off as nothing, has a somewhat motherly nature, a bit strong headed, tender, strong willed, has a tendency to beat herself up a bit when she makes a dire mistake, loyal

Blue Spruce:
Earth Pony
Happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, carefree, easily scared but not a coward

Stubborn, strong-willed, persistent, knowledgeable, well-rounded emotions, prankster

Wise, brooding, likes to scare others, does not feel emotions on a normal level

Happy, excitable, joyous, doesn't really get upset easy, energetic, very expressive

Morning Glow:
Private, keeps to herself, sarcastic, easily angered

Grogar (G1 character):
Personality of a block

Alyssa (Compass Rose):
Earth Pony, Alpha Mutieren
Obsessive, dark, loves to terrify others, strong, plays with her prey

Shana (Heart Thorn):
Unicorn, Alpha Mutieren
Calm, collective, patient

Strong Legs:


OC Resources:


pretty-pegasus-wings has started a donation pool!
1,196 / 2,500
I would like to gather some points for a contest I'd like to hold, it'd be nice if you could donate some points. You can also pay for commissions here.

For those who donate:

You get a llama badge (if I have yet to give you one) and a big thank you for any points donated!

If you donate 100 points or more, you get a special shout out when I post the journal for the contest.

If you donate 250 points or more, you can have a simple request, like a drawing of your OC or a short story/bio of some sort.

If you donate 500 points or more, you can have one of your OCs meet Azure or her gender bend, Welkin.

Not like this will ever happen, but, if you donate 1000 points or more, you're nuts, and you get to have any kind of request you want (animated or otherwise).

Any amount would be wonderful, even just one point!

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Hey everyone, just a quick update and stuff.

So, summer's almost over, school will be starting again, that means art is going to slow to a crawl real soon. Once I get this contest entry done, I'll have one more to make as well as an animation I must finish as soon as possible. During all that, contest stuff will be worked on among other things. Also, art will be ever slower than normal, in fact, that comic should have been finished days ago, but things have come up and have caused my art to slow because of it. Things should go back to normal, for the most part, by next weekend.

I'll be making a more official announcement on September 1st as well as mid way though the month and, more importantly, on October 1st, but, October's the month of horror so you know what that means? Lots of contests about dressing my OCs up in costumes that I'll try and fail to enter? Yes, but also, a theme month. For those who remember, when I posted Dr. Philter, I mentioned that he was part of a future series known as The Midnight Chronicles. Well, that's what October will be dedicated to mostly so fan fiction work of other sorts will be slowed because of that. Keep in mind for my more sensitive and younger watchers, if you are under the age of 16 and/or cannot stand horror of any sort or other sensitive, mature, subjects, then please ignore the series. There will be blood, alcohol, swearing, and other psychological and touchy subjects being address in the series, I will be putting mature tags on them because of this, maybe not for the first one, but defiantly for others. That's right, people, the kiddie gloves are coming off! Prepare to be disturbed. And don't worry, there will be other fun Halloween related content that's more family friendly like dressing Azure up!

Also, got some things to advertise from adopts to other things so that'll be coming soon, so keep an eye out if you want some new OCs, comissions, or otherwise.

That's it for now! Hope to get those things out soon!
Cookies and Fluff pg 2 (with a little animation)
My second part of my entry for :icontyandagaart: fluff/cute contest. Looks like the boys have some explaining to do =P!

I thought adding a little animation for Mernah's claw would be fun and help to emphasize the action more, also, because it's fun! I somehow got it to look pretty nice for a first attempt! Sorry for the weird pixel stuff you'll probably see, I don't know why it's there or how to fix it, I did put it through two gif maker/editing online things so that's probably what's causing it.

Anyways, Mernah, the dragon, belongs to :iconvchart920:, a good friend of mine! I was making a joke about her character's reaction to them being little trouble makers, and this, as well as the next part, are a result of that. In this AU, Mernah's like a mentor/mother figure to them, except Blaze, he wasn't around the Empire in this one and when she's mad, you better start running. You'll be left in suspense of this horrible punishment she's brewing for them. Also, Azure still has no idea what's going on or why they're afraid of Mernah's presence.

Link to Contest:…
Link to First Page: pretty-pegasus-wings.deviantar…

Onto the dialogue:

Panel 1: We'll have to visit back in a week!

Panel 9: Lance and Star *Star stutters on the I in it*: IT WAS HIS IDEA!
Blaze: Way to throw me under the cart, guys....
Azure *attempting to wave hello*: Hi Mernah! I'd give you a proper hello, but I can't really move right now....
Cookies and Fluff Page 1 by pretty-pegasus-wings
Cookies and Fluff Page 1
A few things before I really get into things. One, I'm terrible with naming things! Two, I miscalculated the size of that final panel and I had no idea what to do to fill in that empty space! And three, yes, there will be two more pages! This will be getting my full focus until it's done because end of summer/it's a contest entry/the next pages will be really fun and I can't wait to do them.

This is the first part of my contest entry for :icontyandagaart:'s floof contest!

So, I was browsing DA and I came across a super cute fluffy picture and I just had to look at it. I then saw it was a contest entry. Out of curiosity, I thought I'd take a look and soon found out it was a cute/fluffy contest. Of course, since I have a character with a big, fluffy mane, I thought it'd be a crime if I didn't enter Azure. I had thoughts of it being a single picture, then it turned into a comic, then a three page comic, then this one page, then back to a three page thing. It was a very complicated thought process obviously, but this is part of the end result!

The story behind this starts with Blaze, the one with the red and orange mane, he's been trying to figure out way to get more cookies for a cheaper price for some time and came up with a little plan. Wanting some help, he turned to Lance and Star, his good friends, and told them his plan. Just about every cartazonon in the Empire finds Azure to be cute, but what if they made her even cuter? So Blaze, Lance, and Star took Azure away and floofed her up with a bath and brushes then placed her in front of the store owner and told her to be cute (no, she has no idea why they're doing this). And that's what's going on!

Doesn't Azure have great friends, stealing her away and using her to get free cookies?! Don't worry, she gets her fair share of the loot. This does take place in a separate AU, and they probably wouldn't be using her like this, not without telling her, but this is for the contest/comic purposes, so yeah, they aren't breaking character too much. Anyways, it's all for fun, and I hope you like it!

Link to the contest if you're interested:…

Dialogue because my hand writing's awful:

First Panel
Star: A-Are you sure this is going to work?
Blaze: I'm positive, nobody can resist a face like that!
Lance: This feels like a waste of my time.

Second Panel
Ginger Snap's Scrumptious Sweets

Third Panel
Ginger Snap: AAAAHHHH! You're so adorable! I could just eat you up!

Fourth Panel
Ginger Snap: Are you hungry? Here, have one of my ginger snaps, or two if you'd like! AH, YOU'RE JUST TOO CUTE!

Fifth Panel
Blaze: Told you it would work!
Azure: Thanks for pulling me around, Lance! It's really hard to walk about with my mane like this.
w0lfsberg: Cartazonon Mystery Box Adopt #1 by pretty-pegasus-wings
w0lfsberg: Cartazonon Mystery Box Adopt #1
This is one of eight cartazonons from the cartazonon mystery box I posted not to long ago and was made for :iconw0lfsberg:! Thank you for adopting and I hope you like her!

Also, you said at first you wanted socks, so I did draw them, then I noticed you wanted a gold bracelet. I ended up doing both, so here's the one with the socks. If you prefer the one with the socks, let me know and I'll change the main file to fit your preference:

If you're interested in adopting a cartazonon from the first mystery box set I created, there are four left, or you can wait until I post the next one I plan to do eventually: pretty-pegasus-wings.deviantar…

Make sure to credit me for the design and such. When first drawing this character, I would like to be tagged for at least the first picture. After that, you don't need tag me, but I'd appreciate it if you would do so for future drawings done by you or others so I can see because I love seeing art of any character I create :D!

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