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A Brand New Day by pretty-pegasus-wings A Brand New Day :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 22 4
Azure Meets Samukai Chapter8: Calm After the Storm
    What felt like a few hours to the cartazonon passed by before she slowly stirring awake. She moved her head slightly as she tried to look about the strange place as everything came into focus. Around her was the familiar ascetics of the fortress as she laid in a cot like bed too small for her body. Other cots were about the room where injured soldiers lay, both bat pony and pony as well as shelves and cabinets filled with medical supplies and books. “Azure!” Samukai cried happily. Azure turned her head toward the sound of her friend, a small smile growing on her face as she saw him coming to her side.
    “I’m so glad you’re safe….” She spoke quietly, the sense of immense exhaustion still weighing on her.
    “Oh, Azure! You have no idea how we worried about you!” Summerfly stated with relief.
    “We, as in them, I was hoping that last push wo
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Parental Guidence Cover by pretty-pegasus-wings Parental Guidence Cover :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 10 7 Sea Lion Azure: Adventures in Biology by pretty-pegasus-wings Sea Lion Azure: Adventures in Biology :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 19 19
Azure Meets Samukai Chapter 7: The Disaster
    Samukai and Azure burst out of the cave, panting heavily as they attempted to catch their breath. Seeing their friends coming out safely, Moonstone and Shade ran to them with relieved smiles.
    “Did you find it?!” Shade asked excitedly. Samukai straightened up and looked to them, a serious glint in his eyes, a tension slowly built with each silent second.
    “That prophecy, everything you know, it’s all a lie.” A sharp ting rang through the heads of the bat pony siblings as they stared at them with deep disbelief.
    “A lie?! But, it’s all coming true! The artifacts, you, the location of the battle!” Moonstone argued fervently.
    “Sorry, Moonstone, but it’s true. The disaster is really two ancient dragons and we believe they’re the cause behind everything that’s been happening.” Azure explained.
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Wildling: Hertha by pretty-pegasus-wings Wildling: Hertha :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 26 12
Azure Meets Samukai Chapter 6: The Magic Cave
    “This must be the place.” Samukai stated as he held his part of the scroll up against the cave, both the cave sharing the mark that the image depicted.
    “You can really feel the magic exuding from all around!” Azure exclaimed with wonder as she stared at the cave, a sense of nervousness slowly rising as she stared deeper into the darkness.
    “Let’s not waste any more time, we don’t have long before-” Shade started as he made his way to the entrance, but Samukai quickly put a claw out and in front of him.
    “I think it’s best if you would all stay behind.” Samukai suggested in almost a demanding statement. A shock ran through each of them, snapping Azure out from her thoughts.
    “You can’t go in there by yourself!” Moonstone exclaimed.
    “I won’t be alone.
:iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 1 2
Bathroom Butts OTA Adopts (Joke Species) by pretty-pegasus-wings Bathroom Butts OTA Adopts (Joke Species) :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 28 5
Azure Meets Samukai Chapter 5: The Great Rescue
    Samukai took Azure to a small restaurant and quickly procured a table, exchanged everything that had happened to them thus far, ordered a good meal, and dug right in. “Mmmm, the food here is so good!”
    “This is one of my favorite places to eat out, especially when the weather is nice.” Samukai sighed happily, Azure nodded in agreement. “Now, about that scroll.” Azure’s ears moved forward in an alert manor.
    “Oh, yes!” She pulled it out. “I’ve got it right here!” She rolled it out as Samukai went and pulled over another table to hold up its entire length. “Unfortunately, there’s a-”
    “Tear.” Samukai mused. Azure looked to him curiously. Samukai pulled over two more tables and laid out his piece up against Azure’s, placing the tears against one another. They both looked at it curiously, loo
:iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 4 4
Grass Hope: Gift for mangaJag by pretty-pegasus-wings Grass Hope: Gift for mangaJag :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 16 13 Painting Rainbows (Birthday Gift!) by pretty-pegasus-wings Painting Rainbows (Birthday Gift!) :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 20 2 xThe-Bubbly-One Contest Entry: A Mysty Stroll by pretty-pegasus-wings xThe-Bubbly-One Contest Entry: A Mysty Stroll :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 35 15
Azure Meets Samukai Chapt4 The Knight's Stronghold
    Laying fast asleep, dreaming peacefully underneath the warmth of the blankets that covered her, is Azure; the bed itself is just big enough to accommodate her large body. Her legs were gently tucked in to give her the room she’d need as her tail hung off the edge lazily. Soon enough, she began to stir, then stretching out her long legs and neck off the side of the bed noting the feeling of the soft mattress.
    “Ah…. Bed rest is the best.” She stated and slowly opened her eyes. She then looked about, taking notice of how different the room was then that of the inn. Before she could properly take in all of the details, she started to feel a rush of panic within her. “They couldn’t have possibly found me, they couldn’t have!” She initially though as she scrambled out of the bed and look about for any possible exits aside from the door which was most likely guard. As she did, the thought wa
:iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 3 5
Azure Meets Tyandaga by pretty-pegasus-wings Azure Meets Tyandaga :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 30 8 Staccato As A Cartazonon (Contest Entry) by pretty-pegasus-wings Staccato As A Cartazonon (Contest Entry) :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 26 3 Rainbow Blitz Contest Entry by pretty-pegasus-wings Rainbow Blitz Contest Entry :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:pretty-pegasus-wings 29 5


    Hey everyone, I'm not dead (hurrah), though I do feel on the edge of collapsing! Anyways, just thought I'd share a little sneak peak as to how the project's going! I'd appreciate some feedback, not that I'll be changing anything as of now or in the future, but I'd like to hear what you think!

    I'd like to know what you think of the moving background specifically. Also, if you'd like to have those eyes as a gif for whatever purposes you may want it for, or any of the colored scenes, let me know and I'll turn them into gifs and post them for you! I may just make a few in the future when it's complete.

    Anyways, as to why this is the last for a while? Well, it's time to take a break from it. After starting this then suffering from a sinus infection for a month and then working one and a half month straight, no breaks except for a rare one or two, I need to step away from this. I'll come back to it soon, sometime this summer in fact, but I want to do other things and relax. Very specifically, I want to focus on getting all that owed art done as well as this animated contest entry (I know what you're going to say, that I shouldn't, I should relax, but the grand prize is too good). So, the schedule is going to be me working on this animation until the end date/can't work on it anymore/it being finished, taking a week in June to myself, then working on what I owe until that's done starting with animations, then, I do what I want! I plan to work on humans and other creatures, posing, angles, all that fun stuff this summer as well as a super fun contest idea for you that I can't wait to share :)!

    I also have those written thoughts/reviews on those new episodes I plan to type out and just to give you a taste, I couldn't be more disappointing, saddened and angered by this season. My goodness, what has this show come to, it doesn't even feel like mlp anymore. Yes, I have seen the leaks because I'm desperate to find one good episode, and I did, boy did I. One out of the seven episodes out was actually good in any regard, in my opinion. I'm glad to see all those nice people who really love mlp as it is now, but to me, this isn't mlp anymore, it's some dumbed down version, the kind we expected when it came out. I lost that feeling of happiness and joy, that thrill of seeing the characters I love in fun episodes! Some were adventurous, other emotional, some just plain fun and even funny. So far, there has not been a single adventure episode and there seems to be none in the future as far as I can see. Oh, and don't get me started on that insult that is the eventual episode ten. I know it's not out, but the premise is a disgrace to the show and all that was built up, even to Lauren Faust, the creator. Even if she isn't on it anymore by way of leaving, that she didn't always make the best discussions or was the greatest writer or anything like that (though if I see her name on something, I will check it out as soon as I can, she may not be the best, but that doesn't mean she's not talented or anything), but she did create something truly special... and now the show is spitting on the face of everything this show was built off of. Thank you new mlp, thank you for destroying that foundation so masterfully, as well as insulting me with Starlight. Oh how I hate you, you blank slate, you mixed bottle of "choose your personality for that episode", you explanationless, confusing, and down right "for the plot"ness that is your character if I can even call you that. I didn't plan to write this much, but there is a lot I have to say for this season, and the last, even the fifth to an extent, which will be seen in my journals and eventual videos. Yes, I plan to make videos discussing mlp and other animation things with my good friend VChart920. I plan on making a big video series discussing Starlight's failures as a character if I could even call her that at the very least, which I really can't. And no, just because I don't like the show as much anymore doesn't mean I can't still love the good that there is or even the fandom who I love too much to be leaving any time soon, so don't worry; I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

    That's about it. I'll get back to being active more tomorrow, but I'm taking two days to rest, because it's the weekend and all. I'll get back to writing, arting, and animating soon enough so stick around. I've got a whole lot of comments to respond to, pieces to comment on, all that nice stuff. In fact, I'm going to try and comment on people's works more often, do more art trades and contests, all that fun stuff this summer, just being more active in general. I'd love to make even more friends, do more projects with others, participate in fun DA stuff people host. As you can tell, I plan on having a busy summer, and I can't wait to see how things go! Anyways, it's over, I'm tired, and I'm ready to spend my weekend playing video games because it's been far too long since I've touched a controller. I hope to get more involved with you guys soon, feel free to make suggestions as to how or if there's something animated or otherwise you'd like me to write something on; I also have those stories to write! I hope you all have a nice day/afternoon/evening and enjoy your summer, or good luck on your exams if you're taking any now or soon! Now excuse me as I prepare to collapse somewhere, preferably somewhere soft.


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Anybody online that wants to watch my friend streaming at this moment?! I'll be there, talking and such, you should come join! There won't be ponies as far as I'm aware, just some awesome drawings of her characters!
A Brand New Day
Had no idea what to title it, but I'm super happy with how it came out! She looks so fluffy, I just want to touch her! I was having trouble with the wings, the smudge tool only made one side fluffy, but not the other, I'll try to fix it for later, too tired to do that now. So, I made this mostly because I need some more modern Azure art and to show off what I can do and how far I've come (for things like commissions, art trades, that kind of stuff). I hope you like it, let me know what you think!

Here's a ref sheet thing for Azure for those who may need it:
Parental Guidence Cover
Edit: Finally got this done, I'm so happy and it came out all nice! My intention was to make it look water colored or something along the lines of a children's book like look and I think I achieved that pretty well. I seriously can't wait to start sketching these, I have so many ideas and plot lines, it's going to be so much fun :D! Let me know what you think of this look, I'm curious!

Ugh, the struggle of getting things done on time! Well, I'm back, I'll make a journal about that tomorrow and all that. This is my attempt to get something done for father's day, unfortunately, I had not time to color it today, but that's the firstish thing I'll do tomorrow! So, this is the new project I teased! I've had this idea for a long while and I'm so glad to be sharing it! Since my friend made me love this idea so much, it's now an official AU! In this AU, Azure and Lance are taken in by King Fortis (who took Azure) and General Strife (who took Lance); the two father's here are two I've been meaning to write/draw more on so this will be nice! The reasons will be revealed in a future comic in this series. What this will be are a series of sketched comics with color once I line it all nice, or not, depends on how I feel. The comics all center around these two raising their newly adopted children and all the shenanigans that go with it. Sometimes, it will take a look at other things happening in the Empire or in their own lives, but that's the general idea. It's going to be lots of fun and I hope to be able to keep up with it at least once a month. I plan on doing very, very, very simple coloring with this which you'll see. And yes, I'm aware this is titled similarly to that of the Rainbow Dash's parent's episode, but I swear I had this name in mind quiet a bit before that was announced and I'm terrible with naming things so I'm keeping it!

Anyways, happy father's day everybody!

Fun Fact: Fortis and Strife are the two largest cartazonons in the Empire, Fortis being the largest. Fortis' father is the largest cartazonon that has ever lived. Current sizes shown probably aren't all that accurate, but I'll eventually release a height chart to clear all that up.

    What felt like a few hours to the cartazonon passed by before she slowly stirring awake. She moved her head slightly as she tried to look about the strange place as everything came into focus. Around her was the familiar ascetics of the fortress as she laid in a cot like bed too small for her body. Other cots were about the room where injured soldiers lay, both bat pony and pony as well as shelves and cabinets filled with medical supplies and books. “Azure!” Samukai cried happily. Azure turned her head toward the sound of her friend, a small smile growing on her face as she saw him coming to her side.

    “I’m so glad you’re safe….” She spoke quietly, the sense of immense exhaustion still weighing on her.

    “Oh, Azure! You have no idea how we worried about you!” Summerfly stated with relief.

    “We, as in them, I was hoping that last push would blow your mind up.” Eclipse stated from the crystal. Samukai rolled his eyes.

    “Here.” Samukai said gently as his soul enveloped Azure. The tiredness she once felt slowly melted away as she felt the strength to sit up.

    “So, you were able to seal them?” Azure asked. Samukai looked to her curiously.

    “Yes… don’t you remember?”

    “Remember what?”

    “What, did you hit your head when you collapsed?!” Eclipse exclaimed. Azure looked to Samukai worriedly.

    “The doctors didn’t say you had any head trauma.” Samukai pondered calmly.

    “Can you tell us what you do remember, before you passed out?” Summerfly asked.

    “Well….” Azure placed a thoughtful hoof on her chin. “I was exhausted, and you told me to rest…. Then you asked me to help, and I wasn’t sure if I could. At first, I was doing pretty well, then my head was in agony, and then… I think I passed out.”

    “Actually, you gave them a good talking to, then you shoved them right in.” Samukai stated.

    “I did?!” Samukai nodded. “That’s strange, I can’t really think of any reason I would forget unless… do you think I have amnesia?!” Azure exclaimed as she nervously placed her hooves on her head. “Oh no, no, no, NO! This can’t be good! What if I forgot something that’s really important?!” A small, stifled giggle could be heard from Summerfly inside the crystal. Samukai had to place a claw over his mouth to keep from laughing at Azure’s overactive hysteria. Knowing this would not end, Samukai placed a calming claw upon Azure.

    “No, Azure, you were just so exhausted at the moment, it’s more than likely because of the exhaustion that you forgot.” Azure look at Samukai as his calm words helped her to relax.

    “Oh, I see.” She smiled at him a bit sheepishly. Samukai gave a small chuckle.

    “Good to see you two awake!” A voice boomed from the other side of the room. Azure and Samukai looked over to see Saber, Dawn, Noctis, Shade, and Moonstone walking toward them. They smile at the sight of them and their cheery faces.

    “We were so worried you’d never wake up!” Moonstone stated. Azure looked to them confused.

    “Yeah, how long was she out, two days?” Shade stated.

    “Two days?!” Azure exclaimed, a sudden feeling of hunger and thirst rushed over her as her hooves instinctively wrapped around her stomach.

    “Don’t worry, there will be plenty to eat at the celebration we are holding in both your honors.” Saber stated.

    “All in thanks to both of you.” Noctis nodded to them. Azure blushed a little.

    “Y-you didn’t have to-” Azure started.

    “But we must! Because of you, we were able to settle our differences!” Dawn exclaimed as she took an enthusiastic step forward.

    “Indeed, we have decided to join forces all for the sake of Equestria. Who knows what other evils lurk about that lay out there unknown.” Noctis added, Samukai nodded.

    “That’s great to hear!” Samukai stated with a big smile.

    “It’s good to know there are ponies like you who are looking after Equestria.” Summerfly said.

    “And one day, I hope to be as strong as you!” Moonstone said as she nudged Samukai who smiled at her.

    “I’m sure you’ll be able to come close so long as you put in the hard work.” He spoke encouragingly.

    “Thank you, Samukai.” Moonstone smiled at him.

    “You’ll have to surpass me first, Moony.” Shade stated.

    “Who says I haven’t?” Moonstone grinned confidently at him. A collected bought of laughter sprung from around the group except for a slightly annoyed Shade.

    “Guess we’ll have to work that out later.” He grinned back at her with the same confidence.

    “How about we all head down to the meal room to enjoy our victory?” Saber offered. Azure went to crawl out of the tiny bed, but ended up slipping and falling out. Before anyone could offer help, she quickly picked herself up.

    “I’m fine!” She exclaimed. “Let’s get going before my stomach eats itself.” Seeing that their friend was alright, the group made their way to the meal hall.


* * *


    Stepping into the meal hall, Azure was met with surprise. The way they decorated the room made it seem foreign to the rest of the fortress. From the party decorations of streamers and celebratory signs to tables covered with party foods and cheerful ponies from both sides, it felt refreshing after the battle they had just gone through. She particularly noticed the way the two sides treated one another, it seemed as if they had been allies for ages. Azure saw how they placed hooves around shoulders, chugging down their punch together, and laughing away at one another’s jokes and stories. Her chest seemed to poof up happily at the sight of the friendly joy the ponies shared. Samukai smiled as well, seeing peace coming to these groups set a warmth inside of him. “Go ahead and enjoy, you two deserve this.” Saber said with a smile on her face. The two nodded and the group split up as they went about to enjoy the celebration.

    Azure’s eyes skimmed over the hall until her sights locked upon the massive buffet table filled with enough food to feed the whole of the two army. A massive grin spread on her face as she bounded toward the table, her long, heavy hitting strides sending vibrations all through the room. Many ponies ducked down in fear of an oncoming earthquake and the few ponies standing by the table, looked in horror as the massive cartazonon charged at them. Just in the nick of time, the soldiers jumped out of the way as Azure slid to a halt and dug into the plates of fruits, vegetables, sandwiches and other party related foods. She went right for the plate filled with an assortment of carrots, grapes, and celery and tipped it back; the entire plater of food slid right into her mouth. The ponies around the table stared in surprise at how the massive creature chew down a whole plate like it was the first bite of a dinner, Samukai only shrugged as he laughed softly to himself.

    “Try to save some for the rest of us.” He joked as he walked over to where Azure was. Azure looked down at Samukai awkwardly.

    “Oh, sorry.” Azure said as she gently placed the tray back down.

    “You couldn’t be more of a pig if you tried.” Eclipse stated, Azure’s ears went down as a look of annoyance filled her face. Samukai took a small tray of food and dumped it into his mouth as well, tray and all. Azure smiled at this as she took another tray trying not to eat everything on the plate.

    “Go ahead and enjoy, Azure, I’m sure Saber will be bringing out more food when needed.” Azure nodded.

    “It’s just not often that I get to eat like this. Ponies have such small meals, and my bit pouch only has so many bits.” Samukai nodded understandably.

    “I can imagine being a large creature in such a small world isn’t easy.”

    “Oh, you have no idea. When I first came into Equestrian territory, everything seemed to shrink, trees, buildings, everything; I knew ponies were small, but everything just felt far smaller than I would have thought. It took some adjusting, and learning to be much more aware of where I step.” Samukai nodded.

    “So, everything back in your Empire is scaled more to your size, like trees?” Azure nodded.

    “Plants, creatures, bodies of water. That was mostly because of our magic since it was smaller when we first came to live there from what I was told.” Azure looked up at the ceiling, a somewhat distant, yet happy, look on her face. “I always enjoyed those hearing about the cartazonons who helped to create the magic for that, how they shaped the land all those years ago, the up keep of it all; this world wasn’t made for creatures like us after all.”

    “But you once lived here, in Equestria?” Azure nodded.

    “We aren’t sure how we came to be, but we know of the origins of our society.”

    “Ah.” Samukai mused as he took an apple from a bowl and bit into it. Azure looked to Samukai curiously.

    “Do you think you can tell me about yourself since I’ve talked so much about me and my kind?” Samukai swallowed and looked down at the apple.

    “Unfortunately, I know nothing of where I came from. I was born in a void and spit out here, that’s all I know.” Azure looked to him sadly.

    “And you still don’t know anything about it? Like, maybe that void was a portal from a different place, maybe from someplace in the sky?” Samukai shook his head.

    “All I know is that it where I am from and how I came to be like this, some mutated creature.” Samukai smiled. “But that doesn’t matter because I have beings like you, Summerfly, the girls.” Samukai held the crystal tightly in his claw. “That’s something I would never give up, not even for all the answer to every question I have.” Azure smiled warmly as her fluff poofed up.

    “Aw, Samukai!” Azure picked him up and hugged him tightly. Already anticipating another massive, fluffy hug from the lion like mare, the void samurai stayed relax and hugged her back. “I’m so glad to have a friend like you.”

    “Me too.” Azure soon put him back down.

    “Maybe one day, you and I can go look for some answers about that void! Things just don’t pop up like that for no reason, right?!” Samukai nodded.

    “We can do that once you resolve your issue with the Empire.” Azure nodded.

    “I think that’s a good idea…. But… I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing that….” Samukai placed a reassuring claw on her leg.

    “Don’t worry, a solution is bound to come sooner or later, and if you ever need help, I’ll be here.” He pointed to himself.

    “I will too!” Summerfly offered.

    “You can count me out, the last thing I want to do is help bug face.” Eclipse spat. Azure rolled her eyes at this.

    “If you don’t mind my asking, what do you plan to do now, after the party that is?” Samukai asked. Azure smiled at him.

    “It’s back on the road for me, I’ve still got a whole lot of adventures ahead of me and plenty of new beings to meet!” She explained with excitement.

    “Sounds like a good plan. I hope that, somewhere in your travels, you’ll come back and visit.”

    “Of course I will! Maybe next time, we won’t be needing to save the world and we can just enjoy some quality time together.” Samukai chuckled.

    “I hope so, too.”

    “And if you ever need to talk to me or just want to send a hello, just got to the post office and ask for Night Post of the night division of EMDS, she’ll be able to deliver anything you have for me no matter where I am.”

    “Night Post? What kind of name is that?! Is her special talent standing as a post for mailboxes?!” Eclipse mocked. Samukai grasped at the crystal.

    “I’ll keep that in mind.”

    “Are you enjoying the food?” Dawn asked as she trotted up to them. Azure nodded happily.

    “It’s so good! I can’t imagine what it must be like being able to have food like this each and every day!” Azure stated as she swelled happily at the thought.

    “I usually like to make my own meals, there is something more satisfying when one prepares their own meals.”

    “You didn’t happen to make anything here, did you?” Samukai asked curiously.

    “Nothing from here, but when the deserts are brought out, a few trays are filled with my sweet treats; the soldiers requested I make some.” Azure smiled knowingly.

    “I’m guessing we’re going to have to snatch them before they do.” Dawn laughed.

    “That is, if they let you.”

    “So, what do you and your sister plan to do now with peace finally made?” Dawn looked to Samukai with a warm smile.

    “Oh, it feels so good to hear those words.” She sighed happily. “Well, my sister has been speaking with Noctis about where to take our new alliance. Right now, they are talking about having the Bat Winged Beasts come stay in our moving fortress, or at least follow it. If they are to live with us here, we would have to do a little renovation. Noctis is a bit reluctant since they really like to travel and he likes the idea of keeping separate groups to keep a better watch over the land; they said they would be announcing the final decision during the celebration.”

    “Then you’re going to keep protecting Equestria?!” Azure asked excitedly.

    “Of course! That is why our groups were formed to begin with! Now that we are going to be working together, all the evils that come up will be dealt with faster and easier than ever before.”

    “That is great to hear.” Samukai said with a smile.

    “What are you going to call yourselves now, the Daylight Bats? I bet everyone will think you’re some dumb baseball team!” Eclipse teased. Dawn looked about curiously.

    “Don’t worry about him,” Samukai grabbed his crystal “he only wants a reaction.” Dawn looked back to him and noticed how he grabbed at the crystal. Before she could question what was going on, the sound of glass being tapped could be heard all across the room as the sound of ideal chatter and boisterous laughed subsided. Azure, Samukai, and Dawn all turned their heads and looked across the room to see Saber and Noctis standing together atop one of the tables.

    “My fellow soldiers and newly found friends, Noctis and myself have been speaking of how to move forward with our new alliance and have reached a formal conclusion.” Azure and Dawn looked to them excitedly as Samukai looked to them curiously.

    “We’ve decided to have multiple groups surveying the land with a specialty headquarters. Saber and I will be running this base and will send out specialty teams whenever a situation arises while having others constantly traveling the lands to keep watch over Equestria proper.” Noctis stated.

    “We also decided to speak with the princesses about our group. For years, we have worked outside of their knowledge and now that we have joined forces, we feel it is best we speak with them about making this an official protective force in Equestria. With this, we can recruit even more to our cause, receive special benefits to help our cause, and have the support of the rulers themselves. We hope that, between this joining and with the princess’ support, we can make Equestria a safer place for all beings!” Loud cheers rang out throughout the room as glasses we tapped together and hooves stomping in applause.

    “How wonderful!” Dawn spoke cheerfully as a wide smile streched across her face. Azure looked down nervously.

    “Dawn, can you tell Saber and the others not to speak to the alicorns about me?” Azure asked a bit shakily.

    “Why not?” Dawn asked with surprise. “Should you and Samukai not be recognized for saving Equestria?”

    “The princesses… them and our species do not get along, at all…. If they find out I’m here… they will surely be rid of me….” Dawn looked to her, horror filling her face.

    “What could have possibly happened for them to want to do that to you?! I am sure that if they knew what you have done for Equestri-”

    “It’s alright, Dawn.” Samukai stated, Dawn’s gaze turned to him. “Their history is very deep and complicated. It would be best, for now, that you keep her involvement a secret, at least, until circumstances change.” Dawn looked back at Azure worriedly, then turned her gaze back to Samukai.

    “Alright, I will inform Noctis and my sister.” She stated reluctantly. Azure sighed with relief. “The deserts will most likely be coming out soon, I best go make sure everything is in order.” Dawn said before taking off. Samukai looked to Azure.

    “You can’t hide from them forever.” Samukai stated.

    “I know….” Azure looked to him. “I tried once to speak with them… but I was too frightened, I ran just. I thought I had the courage to walk into the castle…. I thought that if I could speak with them and convince them that not all cartazonons are bad, as I came to understand that not all ponies were bad, that we could have peace. They could extend a kind hoof first and they could see they’re not so bad, then we wouldn’t need to fight them and everybody would be safe and happy…. Then, I thought of how things may not have changed for them as no one knew of us and how we never truly changed and them knowing that we’re still alive…. And if the Empire found out - oh, I just couldn’t do it!” Azure clasped her hooves over her head with worry. Samukai patted her shoulder comfortingly.

    “It’s alright, Azure, don’t worry. I know them personally and have their trust.”

    “You do?!” He nodded.

    “If they ever find you, and you’re in danger, or maybe, one day, you’d like to try and speak with them, I will be here by your side. You are a very kind and caring being, Azure, and I intend to reassure them that you mean well if need be.”

    “What if they don’t listen?”

    “They will, I promise. If they don’t, then I will personally get you out of there.” Azure smiled at him.

    “You’re such a wonderful friend, Samukai, thank you for everything.” Samukai smiled at her with his usually cheery smile.

    “I hope they don’t listen so we can get to see an epic war break out, one I would gladly fight in!” Eclipse stated. Azure and Samukai rolled their eyes at this. Soon enough, a large assortment of sweets and treats with ranges of flavors from chocolate to peanut butter pecan. There were cookies, cakes, pies, brownies served upon silver platers. As expected, the soldiers of the Daylight Knights dove at the chance to get a taste of Dawn’s sweets, the horde of hungry sweet tooth’s blocked the way for others to get a taste; the soldiers were given many awkward looks, specially by the bat ponies. Samukai and Azure looked to one another, nodded, and turned their attention to the trays. With Samukai’s soul and Azure’s telekinesis, they managed to pull plenty of sweet smelling trays away from the wall and handed them out to those who were fortunate not to get crushed by the starving pile leaving just enough for themselves. Azure took the first gulp from her tray followed by Samukai.

    “Mmhhh mmmmhhhhh! They’re so good!” Azure exclaimed as the flavors burst in her mouth.

    “Dawn is one talented pony.” Samukai stated.

    “Pony food is the absolute best! We would never get anything like this back at home!”

    “Why is that?” Samukai questioned.

    “We don’t exactly have the resources the ponies do, unfortunately. I was quite surprised to see there was more than seven existing fruits and twelve vegetables.” Samukai looked to her surprised.

    “That’s interesting.”

    “Sometimes, we’re able to get supplies from here through our merchants in disguise so it’s not too bad.” Samukai nodded and wondered just how much his fluffy friend was truly missing out on while in the secluded nation that is the Cartazonon Empire. The rest of the celebration went well with all the participants enjoying the festivities until night fell and all retired for the night, even the bat ponies tired from staying up for most of the day. Azure went back to her room at the inn while Samukai went to the Everfree forest with plans to meet with Azure in the morning.


* * *


    “Oh, I just couldn’t accept!” Azure stated.

    “I won’t take no for an answer.” Samukai stated as he shoved a pouch of bits and a large bag of food upon her.

    “He certainly won’t.” Summerfly stated.

    “Would you just take it already so you can leave us alone?!” Eclipse spat. The sun had fully risen by this time as it brightened the small, and now, truly peaceful, Ponyville. Azure and her new-found friends stood just outside of the inn she once stayed in, her cart packed and ready for her next adventure. Azure finally sighed.

    “Fine, but I’m going to pay you back later somehow.” Azure loaded the bag of food into her cart and took the bits reluctantly.

    “It should last you at least a couple of days so long as you pace yourself.”

    “Oh, I will.” She said with a smile then leaned down and hugged her friend.

    “Goodbye, Samukai.”

    “Until we meet again.” Samukai replied as he hugged her back. Azure started to make her way down the road as she took off for some place off in the distance, a place she didn’t know where nor did she know when she would.

    “I have a feeling that this won’t be the end of our adventures with that mare.” Samukai stated.

    “I think so, too.” Summerfly added.

    “Hopefully it won’t be soon, or, maybe, some monster will mistake her for a bug and eat her.” Eclipse stated. Samukai sighed.

    “I think it’s time we took a well-deserved nap, don’t you?”

    “More like you getting your nap.”

    “I’m nocturnal after all.” Samukai yawned. “And these all dayers are starting to wear on me, but, once I get a little rest,” he pulled the journal by the two explorers he found with Azure no too long ago and looked down on it with a large grin “I believe the professors in Canterlot would love to get their hooves on this.” The tried samurai turned and went back to the Everfree forest with intent on enjoying the peace while it lasted.


The End….



For Now

Azure Meets Samukai Chapter8: Calm After the Storm
Alright, the final chapter of the Azure Meets Samukai novella, mini story, series, thing. Of course, this won't be the end of their adventures, there will be plenty more, the question is, what will be next for these two?! Seriously, though, I have all the ideas and I just don't know where to start. Well, you can enjoy this for now, I hope you liked this as well as the entirety of the story! Also, the full title looks like this, curse not having enough room to write it, "Azure Meets Samukai Chapter 8: The Calm After the Storm". I have a whole ton of fun writing this and I'm so glad I've finally finished this. Now, it's time to go back to writing the Traveling Storyteller, it's been far to long....

Samukai, Eclipse, and Summerfly belong to :iconvoidsamukai:
    Hello everyone! Sorry once again for the lack of responding to comments, I sort of ended up getting this on going dizzy/headache spell for a week making it painful to look and concentrate on my computer screen. I'm feeling a lot better now, thankfully, and I'm back to drawing and doing animations, sort of! I also want to thank all the super patient people, of whom I owe things, I seriously appreciate your patience and I know I say this a lot, but I really, really appreciate your patience. Your stuff is coming, at least within the next few months, I swear!

    I am back to work working on contest prizes and other such things, I've sketched a couple prizes so that's good! I'm working on an animated contest entry, it shouldn't take me more than a month to finish and I'm sure you'll all love it! It's super cute, the characters are cute, at least, that's my opinion. In case the contest holder comes across this page, I won't be sharing any details, I want it to be a surprise! It's not often I do it, mostly because I want guaranteed compensation for my work (it's one thing if it's some one off picture where I end up getting a benefit no matter what because I'm practicing something or I want to draw the OC). Animation is a lot of work (well, depending on the piece), I save doing that for special cases like this one where the prize is so good and something I desperately want, that I'll animate a more complex piece (I also love the characters because they're just so adorable, that helps, they're simple and easy to animate, unlike Azure; still love animating her though).

    Anyways, some WIP stuff:

Azure Standing on Hindlegs WIP2 by pretty-pegasus-wings
    Don't know why there's a line there, it's not there when you zoom in. I'm still smoothing out the lines and I need to add the status mark, then, it's onto more complex details like the fluff you've been seeing in my more recent pictures and a background, probably. I've been working on two styles, on that's more mlp, the other is somewhat more realistic. Refs and animations will be more mlp, big pieces will be with the more realistic unless it's a special case. I really needed to draw a new picture of Azure for reference purposes because I realized I really needed a more stable ref of some sort and I needed something to get more motivated to draw and such again because I was sort of in a slump, Azure's always a good way of getting back on the horse (no pun intended, mostly :)). Also, I wanted to show off just how much I've grown and creating something recent in case I want to join a project and need examples, or want to do an art trade.

    I won't be very active starting Friday, for the most part, busy week next week; I'll be doing lots of sketching on the bright side! When things get back to normal, I'm going full speed ahead working on that contest entry, another one I really want to do, and all the work I owe everyone! When I'm more than half way through, sometime mid July I presume, I will start another contest :D! I think you will love this idea! I was talking about it with my friend and we're both excited for the idea! I'll be trying to earn lots of points so I can offer point prizes. I'm not going to tell or hint at what it is, you can guess if you want; you won't get it :)! If you end up getting it, I might give you something? May as well have fun with it!

    Father's day, I've got a fun announcement post planned and yes, it ties into Father's day. It's an idea I've been thinking on for a good while and I can't wait to share it with you, it's one I think I can keep up with. July is Azure's birthday month, by the way! I'm actually going to try and make that journal featuring art of Azure this time, updating it everyday with a new artist for you to check out! I will also attempt to do more Azure ask responses since it is her birthday month. You can ask her things in the original ask me post thing I made a year back, but there's so many questions for her, I may not get to it. I think that's it? I can't think of any more updates. Long status update, probably should have been a journal. At least I know the really active people will be taking a look at this with no need for flashing titles, for the most part. Well, hope you have a nice day/afternoon/evening! Now, onto responding to people and leaving comments!


pretty-pegasus-wings's Profile Picture
United States
Hello! I'm pretty-pegasus-wings, some call me just pretty for short of Azure as that's my main OC as seen above; I'm fine with whatever you decide to refer to me as. I'm an artist working to become an animator and writer/author who enjoys drawing pastel cartoon horses because why not? I, obviously, enjoy mlp, just about anything that has to do with animation from shorts, televisions, movie, history etc., video games (I'm a big hidden gem hunter), and lover of a good story. I've been drawing for three years, but only really getting into drawing in the last year.

You'll see a lot of mlp content here despite the fact I do have other interests but that's because I really enjoy drawing mlp characters and because I can't draw too much else, I can, technically, but not as well as these cartoon horses. Despite this, I focus mostly on original content prefer to make my own stuff up aside taking place in the mlp verse in some way. Azure, herself, despite being an mlp OC is completely her own and I do intend to put her into her own world with its own lore and so on. I focus mostly on OCs, very rarely drawing cannon character or anything else really, but I will some times. I draw mostly Azure as well, most of my content tends to focus on her in some way; she's a cartazonon and does have wings, she's just very fluffy. I also do write, so there is that.

I'm quiet a friendly person who does enjoy talking with others and making friends so if you'd like to talk and get to know me, maybe become friends, feel free to leave a comment or send a note. Just know if you do leave a comment, it may take me time to get to it. If you ask for a request, know that I most likely won't have time for it now. This also goes for art trades, unless you're willing to wait a long, long time, don't ask, otherwise, I always say yes to all art trades and collabs. I do enjoy RP as well if you enjoy doing that and are looking for somebody to RP with, I will accept, most likely (no NSFW please); I have tons of OCs if you're interested, just send me a note or leave a comment.

Well, if you managed to get this far, thank you, it's nice to know somebody took the time to read this. Thank you for checking out my page, if you gave a favorite, thank you, a watch, big thank you to you as well. To those commenting a thank you for something, you're very welcome and are awesome. Have a wonderful day!


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